Transregional Programme on Public Debt Management Audit

Objective: To enhance both professional staff development and organisational capacity of target SAIs in public debt management audit

Guide for Auditing Public Debt Management

The Guide aims to provide practical procedures to conduct audits on nine specific public debt management topics:

(1) Public debt legal framework,

(2) Organisational arrangement,

(3) Determination of public borrowing needs,

(4) Public debt management strategy,

(5) Borrowing activities,

(6) Public debt information systems,

(7) Debt servicing,

(8) Debt reporting, and

(9) Contingent liabilities, with emphasis on loan guarantees.

The nine topics were those discussed in the PDMA e-learning course, and were selected as topics for pilot audits by 29 participating SAIs in the Programme.

The primary intended users of the Guide are staff in Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) with little or no knowledge of, or experience in public debt auditing.

SAI auditors who are completely new to public debt management auditing are advised to build their understanding of the subject of public debt prior to using this Guide. One option in this regard would be to study the IDI’s training materials on public debt management auditing.

Focusing more in the context of a performance audit, this Guide also provides audit guidance in the context of financial and compliance audit, particularly in the audit planning and reporting phase.