Summary of the Parallel Audit to the Management of the state budgetary funds and state property in administration of Pieniny National Park*
Report ID: 340

The Pieniny is a short mountain range on the Polish-Slovak border, a part of the Tatras. Both on the Polish and Slovak side of the border National Parks have been established. In 1999 the Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) and the Slovak National Audit Office (NKU) decided to carry out a parallel audit of both Parks. The audit was performed from July to October 2000 and it was focused on the three-and-a-half-year period from January 1997 to June 2000.

The objective of the audit was to study and evaluate how the respective Polish or
Slovak environmental legislation was observed in the functioning of the Park,  the managing of the state property and efficient and effective use of state budget means. The crossborder cooperation of the management of PIENAP in Červený kláštor in Slovakia and the management of Pieniny National Park in Kroscienko in Poland (PPN) was also evaluated. 


*Written by Jan Dziadon