State Funds Spent on the Enhancement of Purity of Water in the Oder Watershed
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On October 23, 2001 in Seoul, representatives of the Supreme Chamber of Control of the Republic of Poland, the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic and the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic (the participating parties) signed a joint standpoint on cooperation in the sphere of carrying out parallel audits of implementation of tasks related to protection of water against pollution in the Baltic Sea Area.

The parties carried out a jointly prepared audit related to the activities organized by state authorities of each of the parties and affecting the quality of water flowing into the Baltic Sea. A summary 'was drown up of financial means of the individual countries, employed to improve water management in the relevant areas.  The results of monitoring water quality were evaluated.

The SAI of Poland, in accord with its competence required that the state authorities implement recommendations connected to audit findings. It also evaluated the fulfilling of tasks following from the previous audit. The audit emphasized activities carried out on trans-boundary waters in the Oder watershed since 1997.

The SAI of the Slovak Republic audited implementation of measures connected to protection of water against pollution in the Dunajec and Poprad Rivers, which waters drain into the Baltic Sea through the other watercourses. Audits were carried out of purposeful and economically effective use of the means of the state budget and stole funds for investments, monitoring and other activities in the period since 1998. No serious inadequacies were found in these areas.

The SAI of the Czech Republic carried out audits of measures implemented since 1996 in the entire watershed of Oder in the territory of the Czech Republic and evaluated the results of monitoring in selected monitoring points in this territory. It summarized the means employed and audited selected recipients of state funds to ascertain whether they complied with the conditions under which this assistance was allocated. Trends in important water pollutants were evaluated and the ecological benefits of subsidies from the State Environmental Fund CR in the Oder watershed were evaluated.

AII the audit authorities were concerned with compliance with international agreements in the given area and stated that these agreements had been fulfilled. The Supreme Chamber of Control of the Republic of Poland pointed out difficulties occurring Since 1998 in connection with absence of the representative of the Government of the Republic of Poland in the frame work of the agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of Poland and the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic on water management on trans-boundary waters on March 21, 1958.

In relation to water quality, it was stated that this has improved over the lost approx. 5 years. This improvement is the result, amongst other things, of substantial l investments and other measures implemented in the individual countries.